D. Bruce Allardyce MD FRCS FACS

GI Diseases, Complications and Management.

During the last 20 years of my surgical practice I had the foresight to bring a camera into the operating room; I wish I had brought it for the first 10 as well. However, I managed to gather together hundreds of pictures of commonly encountered surgical problems. These photographs formed the basis of many presentations, teaching seminars and tutorials.

This web site is directed to medical students and junior surgical residents. The focus is on clinical presentation, diagnosis, initial management and complications occuring in the natural history of the disease. Details of surgical procedures and outcome are not addressed.

Bowel obstruction, Perforated Viscus, GI bleeding, and Hernia are currently published. Acute abdomen, biliary calculous disease, complications of pancreatitis and complications of GI surgery will be coming up.